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Pom Pom - Yellow
Pom Pom - Yellow

Pom Pom - Yellow

Paper decorations for a perfect party atmosphere.
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Pom Pom - Yellow


Charming and playful decoration. 


They’re perfect for every event, from weddings to birthdays and anything in between! Fluff them up like a spherical flower and you will get  luxury and elegant decoration with a touch of playfulness.  Hang them from the ceiling, decorate bunches and chairs for picnic - or only unfurl half of the pom to use as a wall ornament! You can surprise your children and  hang them on a string above the bed. Pom Poms comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large.

If you plan to hang your pom poms, first tie the string in the center of the folded pom before you start to unfurl it. Next, spread the folds out like petals of a flower, then carefully separate one layer of tissue paper at a time, pulling up in sections. Don’t worry if you accidentally tear a piece or two - once it is open, the shape of the pom is very forgiving and easily hides any rips and crinkles!


Perfect paper decoration for colorful party.



  • material: tissue paper
  • size:  40 cm / 30 cm / 20 cm
  • color: yellow

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