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Pinata - Avocado
Pinata - Avocado
Pinata - Avocado
Pinata - Avocado

Pinata - Avocado

Pinata for a sweet and proper party.
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Pinata - Avocado


There is no party like pinata party!


You need something fun for party? Pinata is your answer! Create the perfect party fun with this avocado pinata - everyone likes avokado . The pinata is decorated with tissue paper fringing in green and shimmering gold colours. Just add goodies for instant frivolity! It is perfect idea for birthday parties but it can be the fun part at any type of celebration. Fill it with small toys, candys, confetti or why not all of that?!

Pinata is easy to put together by following the attached instructions (by folding and sticking).



  • size: 35 cm x 24,5 cm
  • color: green, metal green gold
  • form: avocado
  • assemble and fill with sweets & treats
  • gold detail


Lovely decoration for most trendy & sweet party!

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