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Paper Plates - Dusky Pink
Paper Plates - Dusky Pink
Paper Plates - Dusky Pink
Paper Plates - Dusky Pink
Paper Plates - Dusky Pink
Paper Plates - Dusky Pink

Paper Plates - Dusky Pink


Not only do paper plates spare you the uneccesary wash up, but they can also change any summer picnic, baby shower, birthday party or relaxed Sunday lunch into a dreamlike celebration. These party plates are perfect for any fun event.
Made from high-quality paper with a superb gloss finish.

Simply add matching paper cups, straws, napkins and candles to make the most stylish table setup ever.


Every stylish party must-have!



  • size : 21 cm x 21 cm
  • pack of 8 plates
  • printed both sides
  • gold foil detail
  • material: high quality paper

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