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Necklace - Pocket Deer
Necklace - Pocket Deer
Necklace - Pocket Deer
Necklace - Pocket Deer
Necklace - Pocket Deer

Necklace - Pocket Deer


For little princesse!


Let the fairytale spirit folow your little princess on every step. There's nothing quite like the pleasure of opening up a full jewellery box and rummaging through it for the perfect accessory... So whether you're looking for a treat for yourself, or a gift for a little girl (or a grownup one, for that matter), we've got you covered. Take a cute deer for a ride with this delightful necklace, featuring a pocket pendant which fits a delightful glitter deer inside.Perfect accessory for all little ladies.


A fairytale in your pocket.



  • leather pocket
  • neon detail
  • padded felt deer
  • enamel bead chain
  • necklace material: golden enamel
  • package size: 8 cm x 10 cm x 1,2 cm
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