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Hand Lotion The Gift Label - Use Me

Hand Lotion The Gift Label - Use Me


Unplug. Relax. Recharge. The Gift Label vegan hand lotion nourishes your hands and smells like kumquat & bourbon vanilla. Nourish those beautiful hands - be your own reason to smile!

The recycled plastic bottles come with happy, colorful labels. Do not forget to mix-and-match it with delicious hand soap bottles.


For the earth that we adore let's all do some more. Let your bathroom be full of delightful thoughts.




  •  content: 250 ml
  • height: 14,5 cm 

  • diameter: 6 cm

  • 100 % vegan

  • bottle 100 % recycled

  • parabens free

  • made in Holland 

  • SCENT DESCRIPTION: top notes: Raspberry, Kumquat; heart notes: Jasmine,Tuberose; base notes: Bourbon vanilla, Sheabutter


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